Moderate level of system latency knowledge, but you're not a competitive PC gamer? Are you a single-player PC gamer or a game developer?
If so, SysLat may still be of use to you, but you may not be willing pay the current price that I'm asking for the product. If you're a game developer SysLat can help you ensure that the games you're developing are quick and responsive. If you're a single player gamer, SysLat can you help maintain maximum immersion.
If you're not a single-player PC gamer or a game developer, let me know how you navigated here by e-mailing me at Either way, I'm glad to have you here, but, sadly, I don't currently have much meaningful content to share with you yet. Feel free to continue on to the core content (via the "Skip to Home" button below) and let me know what you think though!