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Evolution of SysLat... So Far

Since I created my first prototype of SysLat, I've grown a lot as a developer and the device has undergone many changes. Even though I created the device 2 years ago(and other similar devices have existed previously), this device has gone through many more iterations in the past ~3 months than it had previously. Here's a brief history of the device so far:

Prototype 1:

08-2018: Had to hold the device to the screen... did not yet function in any games:

09-2018: After way too much reading and a severe lack of progress I finally got it to work in a game! ...but the method I used to hook the graphics engine caused it to act as an in-game light-source. hold-up

06-2020 After abandoning the project for almost 2 years, I come back to it and make it operate with RTSS handling all of the graphics hooking and overlay drawing(I also discover velcro at this time): prototype1

Prototype 2:

07-2020: The software now has an interface! new-interface

08-2020: HenMill(Electrical Engineer) joins the project and creates his own. He uses an "Itsy-Bitsy" instead of an Arduino, drops the LCD, and teaches me that digital is faster than analog(I KNOW, I KNOW - I SHOULD ALREADY KNOW THAT): prototype2

Also, he doesn't want to use velcro(that's a jury-rigged clothes-hanger holding the light sensor): prototype2-sensorHolder

Prototype 3:

11-2020: Prototype 3 is nearing completion. I've put as much time as I could muster into(with much help from BField):

  • Optimizing the USB(still serial) code.
  • Exporting data from the program to the webserver.
  • Creating this website!

And HenMill has packaged up the hardware into a beautiful 3d printed case! Soon there will be no more breadboards hanging from our monitors!

prototype3-print1 prototype3-mount prototype3-lcd